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I realized that I was taking for granted some of the amazing sites I’m seeing on a daily basis and was wondering why. Turns out, I’ve been letting Travel Fatigue set in.

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It’s hard to understand at first, but I try to shed some light on this weird phenomena that occurs when we’re constantly traveling. There are some tips and tricks to avoid it or to “cure” yourself, so that you can get back out there and be as effective as you can be in all of your travels!
Have you ever experienced travel fatigue? Let me know below how you overcame I below!

Stay tuned for funny, inforrmative, DAILY travel videos and weekly(ish) vlogs!

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About Unguided Nations™: Unguided Nations is a solo travel vlogs channel that follows a Richie Tolway on a venture, travel around the world while learning how to live as a digital nomad. This is Richie’s first time traveling in his life, so he makes daily videos about local culture, events, photography and videography tips, and anything else he learns along the way. Unguided nations aims to prove that’s its never too late to change what path your life is going in, to embrace the unexpected, and to spark interest in the world around you.

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