Top 5 Mistakes you might make when you ride a motorcycle in hot weather

Motorcycle Trip in Hot weather. Top 5 mistakes and how to avoid it?

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We all know how to ride when the weather is cold. Winter gear, dress on layers, warm underware, heated grips and we are good to go. That’s right, but what about the hot days, 40C or more? I will repeat – over 40C, not 30, 35 or 38 – over 40C. In this video I will talk about the 5 common mistake most of the riders do and off course I am going to tell you how to avoid it, stay with me.
The problem on the long trips is the constant weather change. It is very common, if you travel from Europe to Africa or Asia for example, in some regions to be 15C perfect for riding with your warm linings on, but after few days it might jump over 40 or even 46C. If you never ride on that temperature before, you probably will make one of the following mistakes:

Mistake N: 1 – Wrong gear.
To carry two sets of jackets and pants is not the best decision you can take. Riding gear as you know is heavy and bulky. To have an extra summer jacket and pants sounds good, but actually it’s not. It will take 50% of the luggage space and the when you wear it on the super hot days you will be surprised how useless it is. Yes, correct – it is useless. When the temperature is over 40C and you ride with summer mesh jacket you will dehydrate yourself much faster than you can imagine. This hot air flow will dry you like small fish, especially if you planed many km for that day. To undress the jacket and ride only on t-shirt is even worse. You will burn like a chicken and in the case of accident even a simple sliding on the road will guarantee serious injuries or death. The solution is normal four seasons breathable gear. Of course remove the linings. Soak the t-shirt with water, close all ventilation pockets and even the Velcro straps around your wrists. Close the vents on the pants as well. Full face helmet visor fully closed. This procedure will give you 30 min comfort and after that you have to repeat it again. It might sound like a crazy idea for you, but I have done it many times and it’s really works.

Mistake N: 2 – Not having camel bag.
To have enough water and to be able to drink it all the time is absolutely must. In Asia I was drinking more than 10l of water per day. For more than week I never go to the toilet. Which is means that I don’t have enough water? Actually I was drinking every 15 or 20 min. while I ride. Can you imagine what is going to be without the camel back? And please don’t tell me that with simple water bottle is the same. No it is not and you can learn it now or the hard way later on the trip.

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