The DeLorean Bike | GCN's Ultimate Hack Bicycle?

Simon brought us one pretty special bike to take a look around. We’ve seen some pretty good #GCNhacks over the years, but this is something else…

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I’ve got no idea where to start really, so why don’t you tell us how this started, and when.

– Okay, it started about four years ago, I put just USB charger, and a horn, on it, and then, it kinda took off from there, really. I kept adding indicators, more lights, more horns, and it’s kinda grown into this, so–

– Yeah, four lorry horns, which we’re not gonna let off, until later on, in case we draw too much attention from the locals. Okay, let’s start at the front end, because there’s an awful lot going on, just here. Oh, and also, yeah, the only bike I’ve ever seen where you have to turn it on with an ignition.

– Yeah, this goes in ignition switch, so if you take the keys out, nothing on it will work, so if I leave it locked up anywhere, take the keys out, and nothing will get messed around with, so it’s good for that.

– Right, let’s take a look at this front end, because as I say, there’s a lot going on here at the control centre.

– [Simon] the control centre, so we got, yeah that turns everything on, and then we’ve got main lights, fog lights, spotlights, USB chargers, find that really useful these days for charging your phone, Garmin, Ipod, and then, we got a rear view camera, so I could see buses, lorries, and other cyclists, and then we’ve got heated grips, so had them on not long ago, they’re still a little bit warm, but yeah.

– Yeah, these were one of the first modifications that you made to this bike.

– Yeah, I put these on first, but I found the battery didn’t last long enough, so I had to get a bigger battery, and then from there, I could kinda keep adding to it, and then, we’ve got normal indicators, front and back, and then if we put them both on together, they’re hazard lights, so if I get a puncture or something, I can put them on at the side of the road.

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