Super phone holder for bike DIY. Simple bicycle mount for smartphone – Universal Bycicle Phone Holder.
Homemade phone holder on the bike DIY at home. Interesting idea bike bracket for the smartphone. How to fix the phone? Bike mount for phone. The device is made of simple materials available to everyone. I called it “Crab” ๐Ÿ™‚ any other ideas?

1. The neck + cap PET bottle
2. Plastic end cap from the front of the computer
3. Plastic cards

1. Precisely cut the the neck of the bottle and carefully sanding until the formation of a smooth surface.
2. Unscrew the cap of the anchor and to measure the diameter of the protruding part.
3. In the lid drill a stepped drill hole of the required diameter. If there is no drill, you can use a scalpel. The hole can be made a little less.
4. Insert the cover of the anchor to the inside of the cap from the bottle and tie to the steering column of the Bicycle.
5. Note the “open” position (entrance of the bottle cap). To tighten the neck until it stops. Note the “closed” position, but then still have to move.
6. Take the plastic plug and attach the phone. In my case I had to bite off the clips with one hand.
7. To attach the cap to the neck and to find the optimal position. For me it was important that the plastic is minimally protrude from the steering wheel and I tried to move it as far forward as possible. Mount the rudder to the removal was the endpoint of the holder, at the same time, a second point of support.
8. To mark with a marker the position.
9. Sanding place for bonding and degreased.
10. Apply a second adhesive and strongly pressed parts to each other.
11. To use plastic card and cut into strips of the desired width. For aesthetics I cut out black strips.
12. From the edge of the strips to measure 5mm. Other sizes will totally depend on the size and shape of the phone.
13. Heat and bend the edge at an angle slightly greater than 90 degrees. Further heating the plastic to bend it in the shape of the edge of the smartphone.
14. Attach the smartphone to the holder and measure the retainer. For symmetry I cut off the latch on the middle level. If this is not important, it can be glued not cutting, so it will be safer.
15. Pre-identify the location of the clips so they do not interfere with the controls. Then sanding future gluing, treated with alcohol and glue.
16. Holder is ready! Make sure you work the latch is securely holding the phone. If Yes, then the device is ready to mount on the bike.

1. The mount can break from a lot of exercise. For example, if you accidentally hurt a foot or hand.
2. In the fall (sudden strike) phone can be a little out or even pop out of the clips.
3. The holder can Unscrew if hurt or falling.

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