Packing Tips for Motorcycle Trips and a little trick too!

A couple quick tips for packing for a trip on your motorcycle.
Most bags you strap onto your motorcycle are not WATER PROOF, you have a cover to slip over it but you are bothered by the wind noise slapping noise.
Our Tip for keeping your clothes dry is to line your T-bag with a black garbage bag, depending on the size your your bag will determine what size of garbage bag you will use.
Line your T-bag with the garbage bag, pack your clothes, shaving kit etc inside the garbage bag, once finished packing, tuck and fold remaining garbage bag up and close your bag.
Clothes will remain dry even in the biggest down pours!

If you carry electronics and don’t line your luggage bag, put all electronics in a ZIPLOC bag, don’t seal it but fold remaining ziploc in half. If you don’t have extra ziploc to fold over, go ahead and seal it but not 100% close. Best to have some breathing room incase your laptop is still warm when putting away.

Tired of glasses and goggles scratching while riding around in your saddle bag? Lose the little case that came with your glasses all the time? Curious as to what to do with that socks that no longer has a mate?
2 problems solved at once!!
Use the mismatched sock as your glasses bag, will protect from scratching, can be used to clean glasses and if the sock gets wet, it will dry quickly.

After traveling over 100,000km all over North America we have the packing down to a science, we can go away for 2 weeks and it looks like we are going away for the weekend.
In our videos you may see Troy “overloaded” with bags, one of our bags is for all our video equipment, which normally a rider wouldn’t travel around with.
We have our Staple Items that never leave our saddle bags and add only a couple extra things for our really long trips.

Think LESS IS MORE when packing, read more here about how to pack for a long motorcycle trip.

Thanks for sharing our videos, subscribing and commenting, we would love to hear from other riders about their tips and tricks while motorcycling!

Cheers T&A

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