My go-to HACK for keeping my running shoes DRY & ODORLESS What’s your favorite

My go-to HACK for keeping my running shoes DRY & ODORLESS

What’s your favorite method to dry out your shoes?
Well if you are anything like me, I sweat a ton no matter what kind of workout is on the schedule. Seriously though, ZOOM in on the photo, you can see the sweat beads all over, nonetheless my shirt and shorts are soaked! The heat & humidity is at a high here…..brutal! The worst part? When my shoes start to get wet just from my own sweat. Disgusting, right?

Try my SIMPLE HACK to keep your shoes dry & smelling fresh at the same time. **Keep in mind this method is for daily sweating.
1. Place your shoes in SUNLIGHT with LIMITED EXPOSURE:
Immediately after your run, put them out in the open air where there is visible sunlight + good circulation. DO NOT put the shoes in direct sunlight & heat because it will wear the shoes quickly and fade them.
Sunlight will get rid of most odors and bacteria!
Patio or front porch (anything with a covering) is a good as long as you see where the sun hits.
How long? Depends on how wet the shoes are but no longer than two hours seems to get them safely dried. If you are not home to monitor them, you can always do the newspaper method outside; just comment below & I will explain.

2. Make sure to REMOVE INSOLES & open shoe as much as you can with tongue facing outward.
3. Removing ODOR from shoe:
Use a cotton ball or any facial cotton pad to add drops of essential oil onto them and place inside shoe (after they are dry). These will sit inside the shoes in my garage. I use my @doterra oils & would recommend citrus scents. After trial and error my secret weapon: SPEARMINT OIL! ***Fun fact – it makes the garage smell good too!

There you have it! I do understand some shoes have more absorbent material so they may still be damp after the sunlight method. No worries because if you store your shoes in the garage (like I do) it will become a natural heater and they WILL be dry by your next run.
There are so many other methods out there I have tried but this one works for me and keeps my feet happy!
6 Miler today💦

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