Long Hair Hacks for Men

If you are a guy growing your hair long, these tips, tricks and hacks will help you to keep it looking and feeling healthy and amazing! I have been growing my hair for over 3 years and I have learnt plenty about hair in that time.

1: Hair ties are an awesome way to keep hair out of your face once it is long enough. You can buy a packet of these for a few dollars and they are great for making man buns, pony tails, pig tails, whatever! If you ever have trouble finding a hair tie, wear one on your wrist. I always have a couple spares on me so I can save myself or another long haired companion when they lose theirs

2. Shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo cleans your hair by washing away the dust and dirt that builds up, and conditioner smooths out the hair and makes it feel nice and healthy, but it is important to buy decent stuff. It’s tempting to buy the cheap shampoo and conditioner, it might look fancy, but if it costs 2 dollars, it’s probably just a mixture of cheap, harsh chemicals in a nice looking bottle. At least buy a half decent bottle that will actually do your hair some good.

Also, wash your hair once, maybe twice per week maximum.

3. Hair oil, this stuff is your friend! I used to think hair oil was a joke, but when I looked into it I realised that the oil stops your hair from absorbing water, which can cause damage, hair breakage, basically it makes your hair look and feel crappy. Water and oil don’t mix, science! So you can buy some fancy hair oil, or even just use some coconut oil and chuck it in your hair, it will protect it, and make it feel and smell incredible!

4. Trim your hair! I know, you’re trying to grow it long, so why would you cut it? Let me tell you why! Hair splits over time, it starts at the tips, but it continues along the hair, and its bad! You need to have a little trim every 2-4 months to get rid of the split ends and keep your hair growing healthy!

5. Brush your hair. It gets the knots out, it redistributes the natural oils around your hair, making it shiny and protected. Wow, this feels like an add for shampoo or something. But seriously, a boar hair brush or something similar is really good for your hair.

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