Long Distance Motorcycle Trip Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

NEW VERSION AVAILABLE HERE: https://youtu.be/LOolCTPHvQk Long distance motorcycle trip mistakes to avoid based on my own experience motorcycle traveling. I have ridden motorcycles all over and have learned many mistakes the hard way. I hope this video helps you avoid some of the common mistakes that I see new motorcycle travelers making.

Some of the top five mistakes for long distance riding are:

1) Over packing. Avoid this by using a scale to weigh what you want to pack, this will help you prioritize. You should also be working within your motorcycles load capacity, as well as the capacity for your saddlebags or cases. Using a scale will also help make sure your bike is balanced properly from side to side.

2) Not having a plan. Avoid this by planning a itinerary. Just make sure not to be too ambitious. If you can take more time to do less mileage and shorten the trip to fit your timeline. It is important to have some structure but avoid adding unnecessary pressure to yourself.

3) Too much focus on destinations. Try to switch the focus to route instead. Look for the most scenic and fun way to get from A to B. Cool places and pit stops will present themselves if you stay off the main highways and explore a little.

4) Staying in too many hotels. This will quickly deplete your budget and can easily be avoided by camping more or staying in Air BnB. Check out my video on finding inexpensive and free places to sleep on the road here: https://youtu.be/0l9A2_ir1gA

5) Gear! Make sure you have the proper gear for the climate you will be traveling in. It is better to have a modular helmet that can be closed in bad weather, rather than having an open faced, 3/4 helmet that leaves you constantly exposed to the elements. Rain gear will be crucial on any long trip. Also make sure to wear all your safety gear all the time!

Hope these tips help you avoid some heartache on the road! Thanks for watching!!!


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