How to Make Crayon Slime DIY Activities for Kids

The ultimate slime recipe! Kids never get tired of making slime, so our DIY pros are always looking for ways to stretch out its play value! In this kids DIY video, adding a pop of color to slime makes for tactile, festive and blobby fun. Learn more about this slime activity at

This do-it-yourself science activity (yep, making slime is a science!) requires a few ordinary items that you might already have in the house. You’ll need glue, baking soda, crayons, a plastic mixing bowl, measuring spoons and something to chop up the crayons with. Clear glue works best for crayon slime, although you can use glue with color. Using a colored glue will change the finished appearance though, so choose your colors wisely.

Crayon slime requires little bits of crayon to create the speckled look. We used a vegetable peeler, which created a combination of little dots and curved crayon shavings. Adults, if a veggie peeler is unavailable, opt to use a paring knife or something heavy to crush the crayons with. Whatever method you choose to create your crayon flakes, this part of the activity is definitely for grown-ups.

Want different looks for your slime? Unleash the mad scientist inside you and test it out a few ways! Make a few batches and experiment with various crayon color schemes. We used aqua blue, orange and lime green crayons, which gave us a confetti slime appearance. Using pinks and purples looks really cool, too! Use clear glue and baking soda with black and gray crayons for little astronomy lovers. It’s kind of like holding a galaxy of slime right in your hands – like the milky way if it was actually made of milk!

Around the holidays, think orange and black crayons for an oeey gooey, slimy Halloween activity! Brown, yellow and orange crayons for Thanksgiving, and for a wintry look, blue and white or green and red crayons look fab!
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