How I travelled a lot with regular job | TIPS – permissions, holidays, how to start

Why did I leave my job for travelling? Was it necessary! Should others also quit the job to follow their passion for travelling or is there a way to manage both! How to manage permissions for travelling from bosses and family. This video is based on such questions which many people asked in my recent QnA video.

0:00 – start
00:37 – How to ask me questions
01:10 – My present job status
03:45 – Why I left my job
04:08 – Why Indians cant travel much like others
05:20 – Process of quitting my job
06:35 – Why and How I started my YouTube channel
07:56 – Benefits of travelling
08:34 – How I travelled with a full-time job or being a student
08:45 – How I used to get permissions to travel from family and boss
09:00 – Tips and tricks for managing with holidays to travel
10:00 – Holiday Calendar 2020, Best time to travel for Indians in 2020
10:47 – Why did I move to Bengal from Delhi
12:22 – Best way to travel more (my secret tip 😉 )
13:03 – Tips to get permission to travel from PARENTS
13:18 – Why my parents didn’t allow me to travel
14:10 – How I convinced my MOTHER for travelling
15:22 – Show this to your parents, they will allow you 🙂
15:46 – TIPS FOR PARENTS to prepare your children for trips
16:26 – Beginners can join this organisation to learn practical travel tips
18:55 – Best place to get inspiration and information for travelling

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I’m Varun.
I am a full-time traveller now (yes, I quit my job to follow my dreams). I love solo travelling & meeting people. After travelling extensively in Incredible India for years, I stepped out of my country and realised, how beautiful the world is! I started making travel web-series in Hindi with full of travel tips and tricks, especially for budget travel and sustainable tourism. My dream is to inspire people to explore this beautiful world and learn the best things to make our world a better place to live in. I was awarded the prestigious ‘National Tourism Award’ by the Government of India for my contributions in the field of promotion of Tourism. Thanks to my viewers, because of whom now I get invitations from across the globe to visit their places and show them to the world.

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