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This is your life. It belongs to YOU. Whatever it is that you want to do, you CAN. 3 years ago, I dreamt of turning travelling into a lifestyle, not just something I did once a year. I wanted to travel for a living. So, every day, I worked my absolute butt off to make that happen. From many sleepless nights, to working jobs I hated to going into debt, I made many sacrifices…but it was ALL WORTH IT. Every thing you do each day matters. Every action you take every day matter. Whatever it is that you want to do with your life, don’t let fear or doubt get in the way. Don’t look at someone else and envy their life. Look at their life as inspiration to help push you in the direction you need to live the exact life you want for yourself. This is your life and YOU CAN live it the way you want. xoxo


โœˆ Location: Dominican Republic
โœˆ Where we stayed: Natura Cabana –

โ˜† Equipment Used โ˜†
โ†  DJI Phantom 4 –
โ†  Sony NEX A7 –
โ† Sony RX100 4 –
โ†  Sony HD Camcorder –
โ†  Rhode VideoMic Pro Compact
โ†  GoPro Hero 4
โ†  Final Cut Pro

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