Day 1 of Year Long Road Trip Across America With Our Tiny Trailer

Day 1 of Year Long Road Trip Across America With Our Tiny Trailer – this is it! The day we left Houston to try to visit all 59 US National Parks plus the remaining 33 states that we haven’t been to. Big goals! We plan to finish all of them in 12 to 14 months. Oweee! We know this is going to take a lot of energy and patience from us. It is also a test of how strong our marriage and friendship is. HA!

All the months of preparation boils down to this day. We are finally making it happen! We have changed our whole life and sacrificing a lot for this because we know it is worth it. Life is short and we all need to explore and have a little more adventure in our lives. It is not the norm, but what is normal? 🙂

Our first stop was Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, which is about 9 hours drive from our house. It took us a little bit longer because of the stops to fill up our gas tank and plus we drive a little slower because we are towing our trailer. It was also windy the day that we left.

The campground in Hot Springs National Park is called Gulpha Gorge. We actually love this campground. They have full hook ups and they have a machine to register. The ground is also asphalt and leveled which made it easier for us to level our trailer, which is pretty important for inexperienced campers like us :-).

We are so excited that we finally started this adventure!



We, Irwin and Victorina, have decided to quit our jobs, sell everything we have and go on an epic road trip of visiting all U.S. National Parks! Follow our journey – from letting go of our material possessions, preparing for the extended camping trip, and even the mistakes, joys, doubts and adventures we make along the way! We hope to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of Planet Earth.

Adventure begins in Feb 2017. We estimate this road trip will take us approximately 12 to 16 months. We know we will some amazing places and meet a lot of interesting people.

If you have an idea or suggestions for us for places to visit along the way, feel free to contact us!

NEW VIDEOS every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. If we miss a day, it is probably because we had no phone signal inside the park or we couldn’t find any wifi access. If this is the case, we will upload our video as soon as we get any phone signal.


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