Car Radio Aux Input Hack (Works for Most Cars)

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I claim no responsibility for what happens to your radio.
You will need
1)Ability to remove Car Stereo
2)Ability to disassemble Car Stereo
3)Ability to Solder to a Circuit Board
4)Some Headphones to Sacrifice.

After removing and disassembling the stereo, find where the antenna plugs in. Here you should see a metal box that tunes to a particular radio signal. From there the box sends out a pre amplified signal that gets amplified elsewhere in the radio. It usually has a column of pins on thePCB board associated with it. Once this column is found, locate and record all grounds in this column, Next, connect the 12+ and 12 ignition pins to 12v and the ground to ground. Then connect some speakers to a left and right speaker output. Next turn it on. Create a testing tool that connects to your portable music player and sends the sound out to on wire and the ground out to another. On the column of pins associated with the tuner, simply touch the ground to one of your known ground and the audio feed to the various other pins. You are looking for good clean sound to come out of the speakers. You will have to play around with different grounds. Also some pins will give you good sound and others will give you funky sound. You are looking for a pin that brings sound out the right channel and another that brings it out the left. Some radios will only send out one channel of sound from the tuner to all speakers even though the cd player sends both right and left. Once the pins are lfound, get some headphones. Cut the speakers off and tin the tips of the ground together and tin the tips of the two positive audio feeds. From here solder to where you located these on the column of pins associated with the tuner. Mount the wires with tape or a tie down and reinstall in the car. ENJOY!;wap2




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