Arlo, Eufy, Reolink Battery WiFi Security Camera Charging Options

Today, I’ll show you some options to charge your battery powered WiFi security cameras like your Arlo, Eufy, Reolink WiFi cameras to name a few. A lot of security camera companies now make battery WiFi cameras that has a built in battery that is not removable or replaceable and to charge them would be a hassle of unscrewing them from the camera mount, bring them inside your house and charge them for 6-8 hours and screw them back to the mount when it is done… at that time, the camera is not monitoring what it needs to protect….

So, one thing that you can do is use a solar panel or if your camera doesn’t have an option for solar panel is to use a power bank. I’ll teach you what powerbank that you need to buy or the one that you use to charge your phone is good enough….I made a little hack to it so that you can hang it together with the camera and you will charge the camera while it continues to monitor your home….

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